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    • challenges

      strengthen our positions
      continually offer more services
      accelerate our development
      be special
      adapt to a changing market
      make Orange preferred choice

    • Orange demonstrated impressive resilience in 2012 amidst very significant competitive and regulatory pressures. We have a clear roadmap and we are more committed than ever to meeting the challenges ahead. Our 2012 results allow us to invest in the future and continue to innovate for the benefit of everyone. We contained the decline in revenues and reached our operating cash flow target while increasing investments. The Group's 170,000 people serve 231 million customers, a number that continues to grow. This performance is the result of an effective commercial strategy, the high quality of our services and our excellent networks. We begin 2013 with a sustained focus on bringing customers a distinctive difference while continuing to apply rigorous financial management . We recognize that major challenges lie ahead in 2013, but we also know we have the assets to meet them, first and foremost the talented people of our Group. Our capacity for innovation, our networks and our vast international reach are all strengths that will let us win this battle.

      Most importantly, we will win while remaining true to our values, the values of an engaged and responsible enterprise committed to supporting its customers in the digital world.

      Thank you for your confidence.

    • major campaigns for 2013

      Networks and customers are the two key challenges where we are focusing our efforts to build our distinctive difference. We are doing this by deploying best-in-class, reliable networks that offer continually faster speeds. But also by winning and retaining customers who above all want quality, security and value-added services.

      our networks make difference

      We want our customers to enjoy access to all the services they need wherever they are, any time and from any device. That's why we continually work to enhance the performance of our networks with better coverage, more bandwidth, reduced latency, plus greater security and reliability, all while optimizing costs to meet the challenges of burgeoning traffic volumes.

      winning the battle for customers

      Because telecommunications markets are more competitive than ever, we constantly sharpen our commercial and distribution efficiency and strive to earn the confidence of our customers.

    • networks

      Orange 4G has been deployed in major cities including Paris (Opéra district), Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Nantes. We were the first operator to market an offer for small and large business customers in 2012. Deployment will accelerate in 2013 as 4G is rolled out in 15 more cities in April. The first 4G mobile services were also launched in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Moldova, Romania, the Dominican Republic and Mauritius.

    • networks

      We launched two new submarine cables to democratise access to broadband Internet in Africa: ACE (Africa Coast to Europe), with a length of 12,000 km, connecting 13 countries in Africa and Europe and LION2, which for the first time brings high-speed Internet to Mayotte while enhancing connectivity Kenya.

    • networks

      In France, we launched an ambitious fibre buildout program two years ago, representing 2 billion euros in planned investments by 2015. At the end of 2012 we already counted 176,000 fibre customers and reached 1.7 million connectable households.

    • customers

      In a business where prices are extremely competitive, we respond with competitive and segmented offerings that meet the needs of each type of customer. Our Sosh offer, for example, has already recruited 800,000 customers in France after just 15 months.

    • customers

      The quality of the relationship we have with our customers is essential. To recognize and reward their loyalty, we regularly offer them the best deals, such as "Best Plan" in the UK or "Orange Garancia" in Slovakia.

    • simplicity

      Simplify the digital lives of our 231 million customers is the top priority of the all Orange employees.

    • Simplicity is our top priority. Everywhere in the world, Orange is committed to offering customers the solutions and services they need and the care they expect throughout their digital lives.

      More than 70,000 Orange employees are available every day in our stores, online and via our call centres to assist customers. In our extremely competitive, constantly changing environment, we believe that delivering the best possible customer experience at each contact-point makes all the difference. This is why Orange strives to deliver even more in addition to our technically advanced solutions, attractive tariff plans and innovative services. Customer service is one of our core strengths. It reflects our ability to listen carefully and act on customers' issues, and demonstrates our employees' genuine commitment to offering personalized solutions to individual needs.

      Our goal is to become the standard of excellence in customer service at every level. Orange has launched a number of initiatives in all countries to help us go the extra mile and set us apart from our competitors and strengthen customer loyalty in all markets.

    • our offers



      Available exclusively in France, Sosh is the Group's Web-only mobile brand that offers user community-supported, commitment-free plans at highly competitive prices. Targeting the young, always connected generation who are extremely active on the Web and social networks, Sosh attracted 800,000 customers in less than a year and a half. + 300% new Sosh customers in 2012.

      Orange Money

      Orange Money is changing the daily lives of people in countries where access to bank services is limited. Some 5.6 million customers in Africa and the Middle East now use their mobile phone to securely perform financial transactions, such as international transfers, paying bills and topping up mobile phone airtime.

      Orange Selection

      Orange Selection opens up a whole world of useful apps that can be quickly and easily downloaded via Orange App Shop, the Orange mobile portal, or from selected partners. Customers can tune into their favourite radio with Liveradio, catch up with the news on Revue Orange Actu, locate the latest trendy restaurants with Orange Maps, and much more.


      Orange TV

      Orange TV is available at home and on all types of mobile devices, allowing customers to enjoy an unprecedented viewing experience. The exceptionally rich line-up includes packages of general interest and specialist channels, a rich catalogue of on-demand content (up to 16,000 programmes per month), plus up to 130 video games for the entire family. 5.9 million TV customers in Europe in 2012.



      Orange Animals tariff plans reflect the diversity of individual needs. Available in a large number of countries including Spain, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Moldova, Armenia and the Dominican Republic, these segmented offers are easy to understand, simple to use and allow customers to keep a check on their spending. The Animals line has proved highly successful and new features are added every year to accommodate evolving uses.



      Every week Orange customers in nine countries can invite a person of their choice to join them for a movie. Taking advantage of the offer couldn't be easier: they simply send a text message to order a Cineday code via the mobile app.


      Orange Cash

      In Poland, Orange partnered with mBank and MasterCard Europe to launch Orange Cash, a new service that lets mobile customers purchase goods or services using their mobile phone.


      Business Together as a Service

      Integrating voice telephony, instant messaging, video, Web and audio conferencing along with availability indicators, Business Together as a Service provides company staff with a full suite of collaborative solutions allowing them to work from anywhere, on any device – laptops, smartphones or tablets. The service, managed end-to-end by Orange Business Services and hosted at our data centres, was named;"Best Cloud Service" at the 2012 World Communication Awards.

    • innovation

      Our innovations are everywhere:
      at home, at work
      or in the move.

      A journey in the Orange universe
      is a 4D experience.

    • Innovation is a state of mind shared by everyone at Orange. Our innovations are with you everywhere, at home, at work or on the move.

      Innovation is embedded in our DNA. For over forty years, Orange's history has been marked by technological advances that have transformed the daily lives of millions of people. It all begins with our global networks, without which innovation would not be possible. Our innovation is designed to drive the development of products and services that are useful, dependable and available to everyone. Innovation is also the key that drives our future growth. In 2012, Orange devoted 812 million euros to research and innovation and filed 291 patents filed. Every day, our 5,000 researchers, engineers, technicians, designers and marketers invest their energy and share their expertise to serve our customers. As part of our broader policy of open innovation, we also develop numerous partnerships with major players in the digital world, as well as with start-ups and universities. To sharpen our effectiveness, Orange completely revamped its innovation chain in 2012 with the Nova+ programme. Our new approach to innovation is anchored by key principles: deeper synergies between Group entities to design products and services more closely aligned with the diversity of customer needs around the world and the competitive environment in each country; and faster time-to-market for these new products and services thanks to a simplified organization spanning research, anticipation and design/deployment.

    • hello

      Orange innovation took centre stage at the Docks de Paris on 21 November 2012. Over 700 guests were on hand for this celebration of innovation, welcomed by Stéphane Richard.

    • commitment

      my communications

      It all began with voice transmission between two fixed terminals...

      my data

      Mobile telephony, social networks, electronic payments, documents and online applications…

      my home life

      The wave of new technologies in recent years has had a profound impact on our lifestyles, including inside our homes.

      my networks

      We'll say it again – without networks, no digital innovations would see the light of day.

    • my

      my communications

      With Party Call, voice calls come to Facebook. This social calling service lets Facebook users call their friends and make group calls, without needing to know or use each other's mobile numbers.

    • my

      my data

      With the Orange cloud, Orange offers its customers secure online storage: pictures, videos, messages, music, contacts and more.

    • my
      home life

      my home life

      Livebox Play is the latest-generation box, packed with state-of-the-art technologies to bring customers all the benefits of the digital world. It lets customers surf at ultrahigh speed, share files between all devices around the home, play games and interact via social networking sites.

    • my

      my networks

      Fibre optic connections bring very high speed to homes and businesses alike, opening up an exciting range of new possibilities.

    • talents

      We work to prepare for the future, to create an environment and conditions that nurture the fulfilment of every member of the company.

    • The people of Orange are one of the four pillars of our conquests 2015 project. We prepare for the future today by fostering employability and developing the skills and talents of all employees.

      In the fast-moving telecommunications industry, Orange continually anticipates future needs. Our swift responsiveness is critical to the sustained success of our business and allows us to offer employees the best possible conditions for rewarding and successful careers. The cornerstone of these commitments is the Orange people charter and the social contract in France, coupled with a socially-responsible human resources policy. This proactive approach translated into a pledge to make 4,000 new hires in France between 2013 and 2015 and offer 5,000 work/study schemes and 2,500 internships each year. At the same time, a range of measures are in place to give employees a clear picture of opportunities and empower them to develop professionally at any stage in their career, regardless of job category or geographic location.

    • support

      In several countries in Europe, including Poland, Romania and Slovakia, Orange has opened "Sales Academies" for staff who have direct contact with customers. Spain has set up "Orange Summer Schools" to provide English and French language coaching for employees during the summer break.

    • recruit

      Our efforts are focused on three main areas: recruit 4,000 full-time, permanent staff between 2013 and 2015; welcome 5,000 young trainees and pursue our policy of ensuring job stability for senior employees.

    • reward

      Orange earned the "Top Employers 2012" label in Belgium, Spain, France, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Romania and Slovakia in 2012. In addition, Orange Business Services was named as a "Great Place to Work" in Brazil.

      sales and customer care
      Bogdan and Constantin
      form a great team. In the store, one greets and advises customers on the best solutions to meet their needs, while the other resolves any technical issues, right there in the store. Better still, their service comes with a smile!
      information systems
      is a technical manager and IT expert. His role is to develop and enhance complex network technologies and architectures that in turn provide comprehensive, fast and simple services for the benefit of customers.
      innovation and R&D
      is an audio and voice processing project manager, who has clearly found her voice in the passion and expertise she brings to research, testing and perfecting new solutions. Orange counts 5,000 people around the world working on innovative new ways to create an incomparable customer experience.
      is a technician and a true wizard when it comes to networks. Even at dizzying heights, he stays focused on keeping people connected and measuring network performance. The expertise of our teams is central to our credibility and customer satisfaction around the world.
      marketing and cross functions
      Jean-Baptiste and Dominique

      are human resources project managers and health & safety prevention of ficers. Everyday, they help make Orange a great place to work, ensuring satisfaction for both staf f and our customers.
      business services
      is a call centre advisor. Customers can "hear" the smile in her voice as she offers insightful advice and helps them make the right choice. A simple smile that makes all the difference. Every day, 7,000 employees in over 160 countries make sure our business customers are always satisfied.


      We anticipate to sharpen our leadership
      in all our markets

    • the telecommunications market

      Growth in traffic volumes, new and evolving uses, technological advances and increasingly fierce competition: continuing growth and accelerating change shape the telecommunications market.

      The global telecommunications services market continued to grow significantly in 2012, just as in 2011, climbing 2.7% in value. Ongoing change in the sector was driven by technological breakthroughs and the proliferation of new uses, against a backdrop of increasingly fierce competition and growing regulatory pressure. Market expansion was spurred by dynamic mobile penetration in emerging countries, particularly in Africa and the Middle East, regions where the Group has a strong presence, and by the explosion in multiple device uses, coupled with faster fixed and mobile networks.

      • France
      • Spain
      • Poland
      • Belgium
      • Africa,
        Middle East
      • Slovakia
      • Romania
      • Armenia
      • Moldova
      • Luxembourg
      • Republic

      Orange est le 3e acteur du marché mobile et haut débit fixe en Espagne. Une performance plus que remarquable parce qu'elle a été obtenue dans un marché sous pression depuis plusieurs années et caractérisé par une guerre des prix. Plus que jamais, nous sommes l'opérateur alternatif le plus crédible en Espagne.

      Depuis 2008, l'Espagne affronte une grave crise économique. 2012 n'a malheureusement pas échappé à la règle avec une baisse de 1,5 % du PIB et un taux de chômage qui a progressé de 26 % pour atteindre un nouveau record historique. En conséquence, la consommation des ménages a reculé de 4,5 %. Dans ce contexte, le secteur des télécommunications a enregistré une baisse de 7,7 % de ses revenus en 2012. Les acteurs se livrent à une intense concurrence sur les prix avec des offres mobiles illimitées pour la voix ou encore de nouvelles offres convergentes fixe et mobile à des tarifs très bas. Si le nombre de clients mobile a globalement augmenté en Espagne, le revenu par abonné a, de fait, diminué de 5,1 %.

      Dans ce contexte très perturbé, Orange Espagne a été le seul opérateur du marché à augmenter son chiffre d'affaires (+ 3,6 %, hors mesures de régulation, à 4 milliards d'euros), mais aussi sa rentabilité et sa base clients. Ainsi, nous avons conquis plus de 170 000 clients mobile et plus de 130 000 clients haut débit ADSL.


      Avec près de 50 % du chiffre d'affaires du Groupe, la France est le premier marché d'Orange. Confrontée à la crise économique profonde qui secoue l'Europe, à une pression réglementaire forte et à une concurrence inédite en 2012, Orange France a orchestré sa riposte en faisant valoir ses nombreux atouts.

      En 2012, Orange France a affronté un contexte difficile dans plusieurs domaines. D'abord, en raison de l'atonie de l'économie avec une hausse continue du chômage et un pouvoir d'achat sous contrainte, et sur le plan réglementaire, avec une pression croissante notamment sur l'itinérance et la baisse des terminaisons d'appel. De plus en plus, les arbitrages des clients entre prix et qualité se tendent. Si la majorité d'entre eux ne fonde pas uniquement son choix sur le prix, sa vigilance est cependant accrue. Enfin et surtout, le marché a été bouleversé par l'arrivée d'un quatrième opérateur mobile qui, par sa politique tarifaire très agressive, a modifié l'écosystème français. Cette nouvelle donne a entraîné un repositionnement significatif de l'ensemble des acteurs du marché.

      Dans ce contexte, Orange a agi en leader, avec maîtrise et réactivité. En signant d'abord un accord d'itinérance avec le quatrième entrant, pour tirer profit de la croissance du marché de la vente en gros (wholesale). Puis en révisant sa stratégie marketing avec une riposte très segmentée : fin 2011, avec Sosh, offre « Web only » destinée à une cible de clients digitaux et sensibles au prix, dont le succès ne se dément pas. Et pour les clients attachés à un service complet et de qualité, Orange a aussi fait évoluer les offres premium des gammes Origami et Open. L'innovation du Groupe (Cloud Orange, NFC, Orange Apps…), la performance des réseaux et la qualité de la relation client complètent cette riposte.


      Arménie, Belgique, Luxembourg, Moldavie, Roumanie, Slovaquie et République dominicaine. Cette zone regroupe des pays hétérogènes, tant par leur taille que par leur situation géographique. Tous ont cependant été confrontés en 2012 à une pression croissante sur les prix et à un environnement réglementaire difficile.

      En 2012, Orange a bien défendu ses fortes positions de marché (leader ou numéro 2 sur cinq des sept pays), en dépit d'un contexte concurrentiel marqué par une guerre des prix de plus en plus vive, et d'une pression réglementaire toujours plus forte. Le marché se caractérise par le développement des usages et des débits, et par une tendance plus marquée vers les offres convergentes. Orange se différencie par l'amélioration continue de la qualité des réseaux et du service clients. Nous restons ainsi perçus comme l'opérateur de référence dans les sept pays et nous avons su résister à l'érosion tarifaire qui affecte durablement l'ensemble des marchés. Dans les pays où nous sommes présents essentiellement sur le marché du mobile, nous répondons aux attentes de nos clients par la convergence de notre offre et par des innovations comme « Mobile eID » en Moldavie. Partout, nos clients recherchent les meilleurs prix et consomment toujours plus de données grâce au succès des smartphones. Enfin, nous avons conclu en 2012 la cession de notre participation de 35 % dans Orange Autriche, pour 70 millions d'euros d'actifs.


      Dans cette région du monde à forte croissance démographique et économique, Orange est présent dans 21 pays et compte plus de 83 millions de clients. Sur ce marché où l'accès à internet se fait avant tout via le mobile, Orange affiche de grandes ambitions. Pour le Groupe, l'Afrique et le Moyen-Orient sont une terre d'innovation unique.

      Avec plus d'un milliard d'habitants à elle seule, l'Afrique affiche encore une forte croissance des services de télécommunications alors que sa population aura doublé d'ici à 2050. Outre sa dynamique démographique, la zone présente des opportunités commerciales à saisir en termes de développement des données et de paiement mobile. En dépit de fortes disparités économiques et sociales selon les pays, le marché des télécommunications se caractérise par l'importance du mobile et l'explosion de l'internet mobile, la prédominance de la voix et des SMS, la préférence accordée aux formules prépayées, l'essor de l'usage partagé et l'utilisation simultanée de plusieurs cartes SIM d'opérateurs différents. Ce, malgré les risques liés à l'instabilité politique et une concurrence marquée.

      Présent depuis plusieurs décennies en Afrique et au Moyen-Orient, Orange y occupe une position de numéro 1 ou de numéro 2 dans la plupart des 21 pays où il est implanté. La force d'Orange sur le continent africain est le résultat d'un investissement soutenu et récurrent dans les réseaux et d'une stratégie d'innovation qui répond étroitement aux besoins très spécifiques des populations locales.


      Orange compte parmi les leaders en Pologne sur le marché du mobile, du haut débit et des entreprises. L'année 2012 a toutefois été marquée par une situation économique dégradée et par une concurrence exacerbée.

      Orange opère en Pologne dans un marché compliqué soumis à de fortes contraintes réglementaires et à une concurrence intense entre les opérateurs de télécommunications et les autres intervenants. L'économie polonaise a, par ailleurs, connu une année d'austérité avec une croissance de 2 % de son PIB, bien inférieure à celle constatée l'année précédente. Trois acteurs, dont Orange, réalisent l'essentiel du marché du mobile tandis que celui de l'internet se partage entre opérateurs télécoms, câblo opérateurs mais aussi d'autres acteurs, producteurs de contenus et de services, pour le secteur des loisirs. Les revenus du marché des télécommunications ont légèrement décru en 2012 à cause de la téléphonie fixe et en dépit de la bonne performance du mobile. Les offres convergentes multi équipements, dédiées à la consommation de données, ont, quant à elles, poursuivi leur montée en puissance.

      Le Groupe est présent en Pologne avec Telekomunikacja Polska (TP) dont il est actionnaire à plus de 50 %. Depuis avril 2012, nos produits et services sont tous commercialisés sous la marque Orange. Ce changement de nom a eu incontestablement un impact positif sur notre notoriété et notre attractivité. Orange est le leader du marché du mobile (29,8 % en valeur), du haut débit, des entreprises et un acteur significatif sur celui de la télévision payante. En 2012, nous avons enregistré une baisse de 2,5 % de notre chiffre d'affaires hors mesures de régulation, liée, en grande partie, au déclin du marché de la téléphonie fixe. La bonne tenue du marché mobile et notre plan de maîtrise des coûts ont permis de freiner l'érosion de la marge.


      Le monde de l'entreprise bénéficie aussi de l'innovation issue de la révolution numérique. Par sa présence dans plus de 160 pays et grâce à son réseau sans couture le plus étendu au monde, Orange Business Services fait la différence pour ses clients, de la PME à la multinationale.

      Les nouvelles technologies de l'information et des télécommunications révolutionnent le fonctionnement de l'entreprise,sa performance, le confort de ses collaborateurs et sa relation avec ses clients. Sur ce marché, Orange Business Services, en fournissant des solutions de communication de pointe, une expérience et un suivi clients de haute qualité, est un des leaders mondiaux. Une position reconnue par trois grands prix obtenus lors des « World Communication Awards 2012 » : « Meilleur Opérateur Mondial », « Meilleur Service Cloud » pour notre solution Business Together as a Service et « Choix des Utilisateurs ».

      Concentrée sur l'innovation et l'investissement, notre stratégie se décline autour de huit relais de croissance : les réseaux et le très haut débit, le cloud computing, le poste de travail, la gestion de flottes mobiles, la visioconférence, l'internet des objets, les solutions de relation client et la sécurité.


      Ce segment regroupe les activités de vente et d'achat en gros de trafic de communication entre opérateurs, appelée aussi « wholesale », et des activités telles que les contenus, l'audience ou la santé. Indispensable à la vie numérique de nos clients, il génère des revenus conséquents.

      Avec notre activité de wholesale, nous assurons la continuité des communications – voix internet et données d'un pays à l'autre – et l'itinérance des services de nos clients opérateurs fixes et mobiles. Nous nous sommes hissés sur le podium en 2012 en devenant le 3e acteur mondial pour le trafic voix (plus de 27 milliards de minutes transportées).

      Les contenus sont au coeur de toutes les expériences numériques. Pour répondre aux attentes de nos clients d'un service plus personnalisé, en mobilité, et adapté à leur quotidien, nous développons une offre de contenus toujours plus riche, diversifiée et disponible sur tous les supports : TV, PC, smartphones et tablettes.

      Audience : La monétisation des données et de l'internet est au coeur de tous les enjeux. Nous occupons ainsi la 22e place mondiale des acteurs de l'internet en termes d'audience (source Top Audience Bulletin, octobre 2012).

    • France

      see map

      France is Orange's largest market, accounting for nearly 50% of Group revenues. Faced with unprecedented competition, strong regulatory pressures, and the profound economic crisis that shook Europe, Orange France responded with a structured strategy in 2012 that leveraged its numerous assets.

      2012 was a challenging year for Orange France in a number of areas. The economy remained sluggish, with a continuing rise in unemployment and pressure on purchasing power, while regulatory pressures increased, notably with regards to roaming and lower call termination charges. Customers have to make increasingly difficult choices in weighing quality and price. Although the majority do not choose on price alone, they are becoming more selective. The most notable event in 2012 was the shock to the market created by the arrival of a fourth mobile operator, which changed the landscape by offering very aggressive rates, triggering significant jockeying for position among all market players.

      Orange responded to these challenges as a market leader, bringing to bear resourceful expertise and versatile responsiveness. First, a roaming agreement was signed with the fourth mobile operator to capitalise on growth in the wholesale market. Next, a segmented marketing strategy was deployed, with the launch of the Web-only Sosh offer in late 2011, targeted at price-sensitive digital customers, proving an immediate success. Orange also updated its premium Origami and Open offers for customers seeking comprehensive, high end service. Other assets leveraged as part of the Group's strategic response include innovation (Cloud Orange, NFC, Orange Apps, etc.), network performance, and customer Relations complete this response.

    • Spain

      see map

      Orange is the third-largest mobile and fixed-line broadband operator in Spain, an impressive achievement considering the pressures that have impacted the market for several years, in addition to price wars. More than ever, we are the most credible alternative operator in Spain.

      Spain has been struggling with a severe economic crisis since 2008. Unfortunately, 2012 saw more of the same, with a 1.5% drop in GDP and a 26% increase in unemployment to another record high. As a result, household consumption declined by 4.5%. Against this backdrop, revenues in the telecommunications sector fell by 7.7% in 2012. Price competition among operators is intense, with unlimited-voice mobile plans, as well as new combined fixed/mobile packages, being offered at very low rates. Although the overall number of mobile customers rose, average revenue per customer (ARPU) declined by 5.1%.

      In this difficult context, Orange Spain was the only operator in the market to increase revenues (by 3.6%, excluding regulatory impact, to 4 billion euros), in addition to boosting profitability and growing its customer base. We captured more than 170,000 new mobile customers and over 130,000 new ADSL broadband customers during the year.

    • Poland

      see map

      Orange is among the leaders in the mobile, broadband and enterprise markets in Poland. However, 2012 was marked by a deteriorating economic situation and even fiercer competition.

      The Polish telecom market is complex, with a highly restrictive regulatory framework and fierce competition between telecommunications operators and other players. In addition, 2012 was a year of austerity for the Polish economy, with GDP rising by just 2%, well below the previous year. While three operators, including Orange, count for the majority of the mobile market, the Internet market is split among a number of very diverse players, including telecoms operators and cable operators, as well as entertainment services and content providers. Despite the strong performance achieved by the mobile business, revenues in the telecommunications market fell slightly in 2012, reflecting the decline in fixed-line activity. Converged multi-device offers matched to growing data consumption requirements continued to gain ground in the market.

      Orange operates in the Polish market through its subsidiary Telekomunikacja Polska (TP), in which it holds a stake of over 50%. Since April 2012, all our products and services have been marketed under the Orange brand. The name change clearly boosted our profile, making us a more attractive proposition to customers. Orange is Poland's leading operator in the mobile, broadband and enterprise markets, and is also one of the country's premier pay TV providers. Our value share of the mobile market stood at 29.8% in 2012. We experienced a 2.5% drop in revenues (excluding regulatory impact) in 2012, mainly due to a decline in the fixed-line sector. The company's cost control programme and continued good performance in the mobile market helped contain the erosion of margins.

    • Europe and other countries

      see map

      The "Europe and other countries" zone comprises seven very diverse markets (Armenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and the Dominican Republic) in terms of size and geography. Despite this diversity, however, all countries in the region were impacted by growing pressure on prices and a difficult regulatory environment in 2012.

      In 2012, despite an increasingly fierce price war and growing regulatory pressure, Orange maintained its strong position as the leading or number two operator in five out of the seven countries in the region. In a market characterized by expanding uses, faster speeds and growing demand for converged offers, Orange gains a competitive advantage by continuously improving the quality of its networks and customer service. This ensures that Orange is continued to be recognized as the benchmark operator in all seven countries, and enables us to withstand the price erosion that continues to impact all markets. In countries where we are mainly present in the mobile market, we meet customers' expectations through our range of converged offerings, as well as innovations such as "Mobile eID" in Moldova. Our customers across the region are constantly seeking to combine suited prices with solutions that meet their ever-increasing data consumption needs, fuelled by the boom in smartphones. Finally, we sold our 35% stake in Orange Austria in 2012, generating proceeds of 70 million euros.

    • Africa,
      Middle East

      see map

      Orange has a presence in 21 countries in the Africa/Middle East region, with over 83 million customers. We have ambitious goals in a region that is enjoying strong economic growth, a growing population, and where the majority of Internet access is via mobile devices. Africa and the Middle East provide a uniquely fertile environment for the Group's culture of innovation.

      Africa alone counts over a billion inhabitants – with a population that is expected to double by 2050 – underpinning robust growth in telecommunications services across the continent. In addition to dynamic demographics, the region as a whole offers attractive commercial opportunities in data and mobile payment. Despite significant economic and social disparities among countries, the telecommunications market is characterized by the size of the mobile segment, explosive growth in mobile Internet, the predominance of voice and text messaging services, a preference for prepaid services, rapid expansion in sharing of services, and swapping of SIM cards from several different operators.

      Orange has been active in the Africa and Middle East region for several decades, and is the leading or number two operator in most of the 21 countries in which it has a presence. The Group owes its strong positions in Africa to a programme of sustained investment in networks and a targeted innovation strategy designed to meet the highly specific needs of local populations.

    • enterprises

      see map

      The world of business also benefits from innovations powered by the digital revolution. With a presence in over 160 countries and the world's largest seamless network, Orange Business Services makes a genuine difference for its customers, from SMEs to multinationals.

      New information and communications technologies are transforming the way businesses work, sharpening performance while enhancing employee comfort and improving customer relations. Orange Business Services is a global leader in telecommunications services for enterprises, providing cutting-edge communication solutions and delivering best-in-breed customer experience and support. This position was recognised by three prestigious wins at the World Communication Awards 2012: Best Global Operator, Best Cloud Service (for our "BusinessTogether as a Service" solution) and Users' Choice.

      With a focus on innovation and investment, Orange Business Services is pursuing eight growth drivers: networks and very- high-speed solutions, cloud computing, the new workspace, mobile fleet management, videoconferencing, the Internet of things, customer relationship solutions, and security.

    • international carriers and
      shared services

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      This segment encompasses wholesale trading in voice, Internet and data capacity among operators, as well as content, and healthcare-related activities. A vital part of the digital landscape for our customers, it generates significant revenues.

      Our wholesale solutions ensure continuity of voice, Internet and data traffic between countries, and allow fixed and mobile operators to guarantee roaming services. Orange moved up towards the top of the league table to become the third-largest global operator for voice traffic in 2012, transporting over 27 billion minutes annually.

      The digital experience is above all about content. To meet our customers' demand for custom-tailored services that they can access anywhere, we are continually enriching our content offerings for all devices (TV, PC, smartphone and tablet).

      Audience: monetisation of data and Internet services figure at the heart of our audience related priorities. We rank 22nd in the world in terms of Internet audience (source: Top Audience Bulletin, October 2012)


      Market insights, strategic vision, results… benchmarks and key figures to assess the performance of our business activities.

    • five telecoms industry benchmarks

    • five Group benchmarks

    • key financial figures

      consolited revenues in billions of euros
      breakdown of revenues by geographic zone
      EBITDA, restated in billions of euros
    • key financial figures

      capital expenditure (CAPEX)
      in billions of euros and % of revenues, excluding licenses
      operating cash flow in billions of euros
      dividends in euros per share


      Our Group places priority on listening, dialogue and engagement to anchor our long-term responsibility and address the current and future challenges facing society.

    • Orange deploys its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy as a cornerstone of our development, a source of innovation and a powerful differentiator with our competitors. We are constantly seeking to create value for all our stakeholders, working with them to build a more people-focused digital world that is increasingly trusworthy, eco-friendly and accessible to everyone.


      recognise and support our employees

      Attract new talent, preserve employment in an increasingly competitive sector, anticipate necessary skills to meet the changing demands of our customers. Our development strategy places priority on the people of the Group, with a strong ambition: to be recognised by 2015 as one of the preferred employers in all our main countries.


      ensure transparency, quality and security
      for our customers

      Our goal is to bring our customers the best possible telecommunications experience in all our markets: unmatched quality of service and guidance facilitating the customers' digital lives, ensuring clear answers to personal data protection concerns, safeguarding our children, or radio waves, allowing our customers to enjoy the digital world with confidence.

      access for everyone

      share the benefits of the digital world with the greatest number for people

      We are committed to reducing the digital divide on every front. Our technologies contribute directly to economic and social development, especially in emerging countries where telecommunications help to create jobs and improve healthcare, education and access to banking services.


      find innovative solutions for a greenerworld

      In a world with limited natural resources, we believe that reducing our environmental impact is a prerequisite for sustainable growth and competitiveness. We have made ambitious commitments to curb the environmental impact of our operations, improve the eco performance of our products and offer our customers innovative solutions that allow them to reduce their own carbon footprint.

      A veritable incubator for nurturing our new managerial culture, Orange Campus is a platform for sharing experience and best practices. More than 220,000 hours of training were provided to staff in 2012. Some 73% of the Group's managers have attended Orange Campus events since it was created in 2011.

      In May 2012, the "Hai, Moldova" initiative brought more than 100,000 people together for local clean-up and recycling operations. Orange partnered the event, giving gifts to customers who brought in used mobile phones to stores or dropped them off at special collection points. A thousand handsets were collected in six days!
      Bucharest hosted the 3rd International Ideas Festival, an internal Orange event held annually which pays tribute to our employees' ground- breaking ideas across all fieldsand functions. In 2012, 43 projects were selected and submitted to a panel of experts, which awarded prizes to the winning ideas in four categories. A special prize was also awarded to the employees' favorite idea.
      France/digital inclusion
      France/digital inclusion
      The Orange Foundation supports 120 digital solidarity projects that promote social and professional inclusion and strengthen ties between generations.
      Côte d'Ivoire/

      Côte d'Ivoire/community
      In Côte d'Ivoire, the Orange Foundation has launched its Village project, which equips villages with a water supply point, a school and a medical centre.
      the digital divide

      reducing the digital divide
      Orange Studios are facilities that Orange has renovated and equipped with computers, Internet connections and games consoles, integrated with an online exchange platform. There are now Orange Studios in 50 cities of under 20,000 inhabitants, providing a place where people can meet and relax in areas often far removed from major urban hubs. These facilities also service as a "base camp" to support numerous community service projects.
      opportunities for
      the disabled

      opportunities for the disabled
      Continued employment of people with disabilities, purchasing from sheltered sector partners, adapting products and services to different types of disabilities, access to cultural for everyone. Orange is committed on all fronts against the exclusion of people with disabilities.
      The Orange Foundation provides funding for a vast range of projects to meet the local needs of populations in the areas of education, health, culture and access to employment, harnessing digital technology whenever possible as a powerful facilitator.
      understanding our environmental impact
      understanding our environmental impact
      While the digital revolution generates undeniable progress for society and the environment increased traffic and usage also require more equipment and therefore energy... Orange has set targets to meet this challenge: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and energy emissions by 15% by 2020 (compared to 2006 consumption).
      economic development
      economic development
      Orange and its Senegalese subsidiary (an early partner of a Dakar based ICT company) are pleased to see that the average growth rate of "young enterprises" supported reached 75% in 2012.
      Mali, Senegal

      Mali, Senegal healthcare
      The fruit of a partnership with health authorities, private health insurance providers and NGOs, the Djobi mobile application improves communication between mothers from remote rural areas and medical centres, helping to prevent diseases such as malaria. The target is to reduce under-five child mortality by 30% in six pilot regions.
      protecting children

      Slovakia protecting children
      25,000 Slovakian children have been educated in risks of unsafe Internet use since the introduction in 2008 of a special Orange programme for schools in the country. The Group organises numerous information and awareness campaigns in most of its host countries.